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  1. Never Enough – Greatest Showman cover


Never Enough

by Shoukry, 2020 |

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Shoukry's experience landed him work with major brands such as Chiclets, Aquafina, Pfizer, and multiple brands and cases including and ongoing work relationship with JWT!
And his fluency in both Arabic and English helped him work with multiple radio stations hosting multiple popular shows on 92.7 MEGA FM, 88.2 RADIO HITS and finally
104.2 NileFM...

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Whether you need a singer, dancer, choreographer, or even a master of ceremony, Shoukry's professional training in all the categories mentioned makes him the perfect one-man show to cater to your needs.
With a theater background, voice training with Vocal Xtreme, dance training in MDC (USA), and experience in radio in stations such as 92.7 MEGA FM, 88.2 RADIO HITS and finally
104.2 NileFM, Shoukry is your guy!

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OLX, Cadbury, TikTok, Sodic, Badya, Fresh and NileFm are only SOME of the brands Shoukry has worked with...
Including choreographing Mohamed Ramadan's & Super Sako's banger TIKTOK, which premiered in Time Square #NYC ...
He's worked with Nelly Karim and Al'Madfa3geya on the song Dola Dola and with the super Star Amr Diab! Contact Shoukry today for your choreography/movement direction needs!
From kids to teens to adults, whether beginner dancers, intermediate, or advanced, Shoukry is your guy with over 15 years of teaching experience! Book Shoukry to come teach at YOUR studio, TODAY!
Whether you're a beginner or an advanced dancer, Shoukry has tailored this program to help bring out the performer in you, based on almost 15 years of dance &cperformance experience!

"Being an artist isn't about being the best singer, or the best dancer, or writer, but it's about having something to say and share and doing it in a way that is unique to YOU...
and as a singer, as a performer I can finally say I am ME.

Unapologetically, ME."

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Working with Shoukry is an absolute pleasure, his leadership abilities were nothing short of phenomenal, he is responsible, motivated and extremely talented.

Shoukry has the ability to lead others with enthusiasm and worked hard to instill in his students the same kind of passion he has for dance and pride for the studio team.

He is a team player, always working to be better and motivates his students to strive for the best, he is genuinely a kind person, i am proud of him and all of his accomplishments.


Having Shoukry as an instructor at our studio was the best decision that we ever took for so many reasons.

One of the reasons that Shoukry always give love and support to all his students. Not only that but his way of teaching is very unique which made him successful in what he does. I watched the students growing in dance because of him. He is a mentor to all students from kids to adults.

We can’t wait to have you back at the studio soon 😀


I’ve know Shoukry for well over 8 years. Back then, with a group of friends, we used to dance and rehearse alot. Shoukry’s been almost always the one coming up with new choreographies and ideas for us to evolve, he eventually got us to perform a couple of times at cool events.

I’ve seen him grow steadily into a well rounded artist and always finding new ways to express himself artistically through singing, dancing, choreographing, and radio.

I’m a Dance Studio owner so I can speak best about my experience with him in this regard.
Ever since we asked Shoukry to start his classes at our studio, he’s been a great addition to our team, if not the best. Students love his energy and the vibes he brings to the place, we’ve even had other instructors of different dance styles join his class weekly.
What I personally admire about him is how he runs his classes smoothly while giving attention to every single student, especially beginners.

I have no doubt he can excel in anything he puts his mind into.


"When I say that I am an artist... I mean I'm not just a songwriter, or a singer, or a dancer, an actor or even a radio presenter...
I am an entertainer...so I am ALL these things combined...
they are my tools, the means of which I express my state of mind, my state of heart, my tribulations and revelations be it past or present...
and I am lucky to have all these tools at my disposal."

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Check the dates; Sign up NOW
Central Studio
If you live in 5th Settlement, hit them up!
Adams Dance Studio
For all Sheikh Zayed & October Residents, new classes in Galleria 40!
Soul Motion Studio
Off of Gamet El Dewal, right next to Al Omda!
Brass Monkeys Studio
Staples Center
Pre-sale 00.01am Fri, 10th July

" I've been asked before if I had to choose just one thing to do, what would it be... and I truthfully can't answer that...I love it all.

SINGING; makes me feel good. It's like a release... its how I bare my soul...

DANCING; brings me so much joy, and makes me feel alive... and to TEACH; to influence young minds and hearts into being the best versions of themselves is a PRIVILEGE that I don't take for granted nor do I take it lightly...

ACTING; allows me to exercise empathy... to walk in someone else's shoes, expanding on my understanding of the human condition...

RADIO; helps me stay connected with my audience... what is better than being that little 'pick me up' that someone needed on their way back home after a bad day at work, or that motivation that someone needs in the morning? nothing.

How can I choose only one of these? "

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