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Shoukry's experience landed him work with major brands such as Chiclets, Aquafina, Pfizer, and multiple brands and cases including and ongoing work relationship with JWT!
And his fluency in both Arabic and English helped him work with multiple radio stations hosting multiple popular shows on 92.7 MEGA FM, 88.2 RADIO HITS and finally
104.2 NileFM...

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You'll find his music on Apple Music, Spotify, and Anghami...
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as well as his latest single "Show Me How You Move"!

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Whether you need a singer, dancer, choreographer, or even a master of ceremony, Shoukry's professional training in all the categories mentioned makes him the perfect one-man show to cater to your needs.
With a theater background, voice training with Vocal Xtreme, dance training in MDC (USA), and experience in radio in stations such as 92.7 MEGA FM, 88.2 RADIO HITS and finally
104.2 NileFM, Shoukry is your guy!

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Looking for a brand ambassador?
Someone that will create content to fit your product or brand?
With quite a following on all social media platforms, Shoukry is a perfect candidate for your online campaign whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube!

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OLX, Cadbury, TikTok, Sodic, and NileFm are only SOME of the brands Shoukry has worked with and choreographed for...
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From kids to teens to adults, whether beginner dancers, intermediate, or advanced, Shoukry is your guy with over 15 years of teaching experience! Book Shoukry to come teach at YOUR studio, TODAY!
Whether you're a beginner or an advanced dancer, Shoukry has tailored this program to help bring out the performer in you, based on almost 15 years of dance &cperformance experience!


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